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Work life with ADHD and underdeveloped executive function skills Dec 18, 2021

Work life with ADHD and under-developed Executive Function skills is chaotic and challenging enough, but what if you found yourself putting everyone else’s needs above your own?  Saying...

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🪧 UK Residents Opportunity! 🪧 Nov 28, 2021

ATTENTION UK Residents:  

One of my UK students alerted me to a wonderful government grant program that made it possible for her to join ADDventures In Achievement and get the Executive...

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Who Runs Your Day? Oct 05, 2021

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”  Jim Rohn 

I was fortunate enough to study with Jim Rohn in the 80s. He was a remarkable human being who insisted that...

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All Brains Need Training Sep 24, 2021

Recently someone asked me if I considered ADHD a disorder, and to what extent is ADHD a disorder based on how our society is structured. 

Meaning, if culture were different, would it be...

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Is Your G.R.A.C.E. in Place? Jul 22, 2021

Grace means a lot of different things, like decorate, triumph, objectify, accomplish. It also means to have favor—as in divine favor to accomplish something when the odds appear impossible....

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Let’s Talk About Time Management – Part III Mar 10, 2021

For some of us, time management is a significant issue and is one more piece of a pattern that undermines self-confidence.


Over the years, it can contribute to feelings of low self-worth,...

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