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Dr B's Musings

Is Your G.R.A.C.E. in Place?

beliefs Jul 22, 2021

Grace means a lot of different things, like decorate, triumph, objectify, accomplish. It also means to have favor—as in divine favor to accomplish something when the odds appear impossible. Grace can be the way we appear, the way we move our bodies, or the way we move through life. It can be the way we act— kind and generous towards others and ourselves.  

For me, grace means all those things and more. And I’ve applied it to my life in a unique way that I want to share with you. I use the following acronym for GRACE to promote personal growth. It goes like this:  

G—Goals vs. Fantasy 

Challenging ourselves to set true, achievable goals and not fantasy goals.

R—Reality vs. Fantasy

Choosing to live in reality by facing the truth about ourselves so that we can steer away from the illusions in which our fantasies keep us trapped.

A—Acceptance of the Truth

Acceptance of who we are and where we’re at in life and with our...

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