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The Benefits of Neuro-diversity, Brain Retraining, and Thriving Personally and Professionally

How would you feel if your employer told you to “take drugs” to increase your production at work? 

Living with ADHD is challenging enough, but what if you weren’t aware of your condition or what if your employer didn’t appreciate your strengths and focused only on your weaknesses? 

Would you manage to live a full robust life (personally and professionally) in spite of everything? 

In today’s Part 2 of 2 blog post on AIA-FS and job success, we’re going to highlight Achiever Márton Klecska and his search for the right job that maximizes his talents and abilities.  

“I began to question why I could manage other people and organize big events so well, but I couldn’t manage myself.”

Márton’s Pre-Pandemic Life…

Márton admits that he’s always felt different from others and has had trouble fitting in at times. 

Grade school and college in his homeland of Hungary...

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Work life with ADHD and underdeveloped executive function skills

Work life with ADHD and under-developed Executive Function skills is chaotic and challenging enough, but what if you found yourself putting everyone else’s needs above your own?  Saying ‘yes’ to everything…

What if your employer didn’t know how to make room for your ADHD superpowers?  

Does this sound familiar, like this could be your story, too?

In this two-part blog, I’m going to share with you how two of my students went from stressful, hectic and unsatisfying job environments to gaining the skills they needed to secure better and happier work for themselves. It started by transforming themselves…


Coaching + Community = Success 

Life with ADHD is full of starts and stops, unexpected twists and turns, like being on a high-speed train with an ever changing route and no real destination in sight. And although you’re a passenger, you didn’t choose to...

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“Just Do It” is a slogan, not a strategy

Today I want to help you appreciate the significant impact Executive Function skills make in your life.

What happens when you really, really want something—you have the best of intentions!—but you don’t have the skills to back up your dreams?

Frustration, stagnation, loss of self-confidence.

But, as you’ve often hear me say… when we’re talking about SKILLS, they can be LEARNED.

It’s a lot like tying your shoes, which is a skill you weren’t born with, but you learned when you were young, and now you do it without thinking.

“Just Do It” is a slogan, not a strategy.

It’s wonderful to tell kids (and adults) that they can be anything they want to be or do anything they want to do. But then, do we ever really teach them how to set a goal and achieve it?

Because it takes more than just a desire to do it. Willpower is not enough. Executive function (EF) skills help us discover the HOW. That’s the missing link between...

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