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🪧 UK Residents Opportunity! 🪧

ATTENTION UK Residents:  

One of my UK students alerted me to a wonderful government grant program that made it possible for her to join ADDventures In Achievement and get the Executive Function help she needed. 

Like her, you may be eligible to get financial support for programs such as the ADDventures In Achievement Foundational Skills Program if you have a mental health condition, like ADHD,  that makes it difficult for you to do your job. 

Through the United Kingdom’s Access to Work Program,  you have the opportunity to apply for funds to be used towards helping you develop skills (including your Executive Function skills) that will directly benefit your ability to experience greater success in your work. 

As you can imagine, learning skills to improve job performance will also naturally transfer to and greatly improve the quality of your personal life.   

According to the information provided by the Access to Work Program...

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