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Announcing 30 Days of Gifts & Gratitude!

gifts and gratitude Dec 31, 2021


This time of year, no matter what holidays you celebrate (if you do), can often be filled with stress and overwhelm. As a thank you for being a part of our community, I've compiled 30 Days of Gifts and Gratitude with tips to help you reduce stress and navigate the season with a bit more ease. My hope is that you can come back to this list at any time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed to help ground you in feelings of gratitude.

For the next 30 days I’ll be sharing tips for this busy season as my thanks to you for being in our community! 

Contribute to the conversation by following me on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #drb30daysgiftsandgratitude.


Day 1: Today’s gift: Time Management Tips to make more time with those you love during this bright and busy season!  https://buff.ly/3AUJuXQ


Day 2: Today’s gift: Pay it Forward. We Rise By Lifting Up Others. What can you do to pay it forward today? It can be as simple as...

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